Cholitas: The Women Transforming Bolivia

In the past, Bolivia's indigenous women were subject to discrimination and banned from public spaces. But today these same women are at the forefront of a process of change in Bolivian society. But how did this come about? redfish met the women working to radically change Bolivia - from indigenous politicians to those fighting for justice for femicide victims, to the queer activists.


Bolivia's Anti-Imperialist Military School

With governments in Latin America - and around the world - increasingly targeted by aggressive U.S. interventionist policies and coup attempts, Bolivians are not waiting to see if they could be next. redfish went to the world's only anti-imperialist military school to find out how Bolivia is preparing to face U.S. imperialism.


Fundacion Educando Niños Felices. All To School Program

In Venezuela, children like Johander find at school the safe environment that provides confidence, development and protection of possible social risks. Nevertheless, the limited resources of many families, combined with the economic crisis facing the country, hinder many children to continue their education. From 2016, at the Fundación Educando Niños Felices (Educating Happy Children Foundation),they seek to help of Venezuelan vulnerable children to stay in school. That’s why the “All to School” Program distributes school supplies and help families to purchase uniforms and pay school fees. In the last two years they have reached over 3,800 beneficiaries.


Change Maker

The Change Maker programme is an intersectional and intergenerational feminist space for Latin Americans and Black and Minority Ethnicity women to meet, learn and growth together. The project has been designed to address themes such as gender inequalities and intersectionality; violence against women and girls; sisterhood and self-care; ecofeminism; migration, diaspora and racial identities; sexual diversity; spirituality and resilience; and migrant women’s involvement in community struggles.


Latin Village, Crowdfunding Campaign

This is a crowfunding campaign video to support the legal defence of Seven Sisters market.
Save Latin Village/Ward’s Corner - Protect Latin American Community, Culture and Heritage!
London’s oldest Latin American community market is under threat of social cleansing. We urgently need your support to fund our legal defence!
Latin Village / Ward’s Corner in Seven Sisters has been home to 60 market stalls since the 1990s and is a fixture in London's Latin American community - the capital’s second fastest-growing ethnic population. When property firms decide that traditional markets can be moved in the name of development, estates and homes are never far behind, so the fight for the market is also the fight for the wider community’s soul.


Latin American Women’s Aid

Celebrating 30 years of working for and with Black and Minority Ethnicity Women in London.


IARS. International Institute

The IARS International Institute, one of the world's leading user-led and youth-focused Institutes. IARS have a mission to give everyone a chance to forge a safer, fairer and more inclusive society. They focused on empowering the most marginalised communities through direct service delivery, while enabling organisations to achieve, measure and improve their social impact.

In September 2017 they asked a range of experts, professionals, migrants and refugees: "How can we better integrate migrants & refugees into the labour market?" Here you can see what they had to say!


United Voices of the World

For the past 8 years two Ecuadorian migrants have been cleaning the showrooms of Ferrari and Maserati for only £7.50 per hour. 
They then joined the trade union United Voices of the World (UVW) and voted to strike for the London Living Wage (LLW) of £10.20 per hour. 
First they were ignored, then they were banned from site, but after refusing to give up the fight THEY WON!